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Folded Leaflets

Leaflets are the best choice for conveying a lot of information in an easily accessible format. Our Folded Leaflet range includes simple central folds as well as more complex and creative folds. Our 130gsm stocks are folded, while our thicker 170gsm stocks are creased and folded to protect the ink and provide a smooth fold.

Paper Type
Sides Printed
Turnaround Times
Artwork Service

Folded and creased leaflets are available in a range of materials, sizes and weights.


Please see the Artwork Guidelines for more information on folding options.


Folding Guides

Remember, when we print certain leaflets, e.g. a roll-fold, or c-fold leaflet, 1 panel/leaf tucks inside another, therefore needs to be a wee smidge (technical term) smaller than the others.


So for example, an A4 2 fold to DL leaflet, has 6 panels, on the outside these will be sizes 210mm x 98mm, 99mm & 100mm respectivly, then on the inside, 210mm x 100mm, 99mm & 98mm.



Download one of our many templates to help you, if you are unsure - or give us a ring, we're always happy to chat!


Example Folds

Other folds are available.


Print ready artwork

Is preferably

  • a .pdf file
  • in CMYK
  • has a 3mm bleed
  • has a 5mm safe margin
  • at least 300dpi

PDF File

We prefer Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Files, with fully embedded fonts, or all fonts converted to paths. Please use the 'High Quality Print' settings in your software package when creating the .pdf Other common software we can work with include Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more. Please note! If you do not supply us an adobe .pdf there may be unexpected changes in the finished print - for this reason we always send you a proof to approve before we go to print.


Artwork should be supplied as Full Colour, Cyan Magenta Yellow and Blac(k) files, rather than RGB as colour differences can occur when converting from screen to print colours.


Your artwork should have an extra border around the edge, your design may 'bleed off' into this area if it is intended to print right up-to the edge of the cut final sized page. More detailed information on bleed is available.


Computer screen "bitmap" or "raster" images are usually 72 or 96 Dots Per Inch, when these are printed they tend to be very small, or 'pixelated', for print images a much higher detail, or resolution, image is required, usually 300 Dots Per Inch (dpi) or even higher.

If your file is a Vector format file, then resolution is not an issue.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with your artwork, we offer a full design service should you need but our advice is free!

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